Sad Dance Songs

by AllieGoertz

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Hi, I'm Allie Goertz and this is my Rick and Morty concept album!

If you've heard my music before, you know that this is a departure from my usual folky sound. While writing "Sad Dance Songs," I experimented with bass, synth, electronic drums, and samples to match the beauty, darkness, and lunacy of the show.

With the help of my backers on Kickstarter, my producer S.A. Bach, MC Frontalot who provided an INSANE verse, my friends who listened to one million versions of each song, and my unending love of Rick and Morty, I was able to make an album I am truly proud of and hope that Rick and Morty fans and non-fans alike will enjoy.

Thanks so much and WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!


released December 21, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Allie Goertz
Produced by S.A. Bach
Rap Verse by MC Frontalot

Samples from "Rick and Morty"



all rights reserved


AllieGoertz Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Dance Bitch
Wubba lubba dub dub
I don't give a fuck
Let's dance, bitch
Do The Rick

Let's get schwifty

Someday we will die
let's party tonight
(riggity riggity wrecked son)
let's get wrecked all night

(do you know what wubba lubba dub dub means)
wubba lubba dub dub
(in my people's tongue it means)
I don't give a fuck
(i am in great pain)
Let's dance bitch
(please help me)

(yo DJ, drop that beat)

Someday we will die
let's party tonight
let's get wrecked up tonight

(it's time to relax)

Can we pretend
(can't we just pretend thats everything's fine for a few hours?)
Enjoy our selves before we reach the end
(enjoy ourselves and worry about all of this later?)

No one belongs anywhere
so let's enjoy the song

(Play something. Somebody play something!)

Someday we will die
let's party tonight
let's get wrecked up tonight
Track Name: Look at Me (Feat. MC Frontalot)
i’m Mr. Meeseeks
I’m here to help your dreams come true
I’m Mr. Meeseeks look at me
Look at me
Look at me

Let me help you now
Then i’ll be free

What will i do
If i cannot fix you
Can i get a hand
This is more than one of me could stand
I’m losing my mind
How many more times can i try
Before we all die

I'm Mr. Meeseeks
i’m here to help your dreams come true

And it’s not that easy to do
When you dont believe in you


Look at me, my head is bulbous
but it can’t encompass how you cope with all this
indecision. Pick a purpose,
put me to it. I’m at your service.
At your earliest convenience,
we’ll commence. Then I’ll get me hence,
and disappear in a puff of nothing,
hoping you don’t gotta summon another one.
If you do, no skin off mine,
if I’ve already served my time
in this intensely-petty-problem-having
and ramshackle dimension
where my resolve is tested by some failing
you offhandedly mentioned.
I’ll get you fixed eventually.
I’m Mister Meeseeks, look at me!
Track Name: All I Wanted
I’m scared
If I go
I’ll find out
You were the best thing about me
So maybe
I’ll stay here
And wonder what my life could be

What if
We went back
And undid
All of the things we regret
The mistakes
The heartache
What if we never had met

Would i finally be
The me i want to see
Or is this how i’ll always be

I’m tired
And getting bored
It’s my life
And i want more
Is it time to let you go?
Or should we put on a show?

Think of
A world where
I’m not here
You can have all that you’ve wanted
A big break
That you crave
And would have never gotten

Did we pick the wrong path
Is there no going back?
Is this ever going to change
Will we always be the same?
Track Name: Jeez Rick
ah jeez rick
ah please rick

stop taking me on these adventures
where i can’t trust what i remember
parasites got in our brains
so i don’t know if i’ve gone insane

jeez rick
you sure love SEEDS rick

i’m missing school and getting no sleep
you’re dripping drool and being a creep
i don’t know how you dragged us here
but let me make this loud and clear

i’m done
but you’re as smart as i am dumb
so i know that you’ll find someone
to take all the crap i no longer find fun

if there’s a timeline where you’re kind, you’ll find me in that one

ah jeez rick
ah please rick

leaving’s tough but i’ve just got to
cause feeling’s suck like Coach Feratu
Don’t be like Mr. Jellybean
When I say no trust what i mean

ah jeez rick
ah please rick

You’re scared of love and getting married.
You always hide, where’s Scary Terry?
You’ll never tell me that you’re proud
now Squanchie’s squanchin’ much too loud

i’m done
but you’re as smart as i am dumb
so i know that you’ll find someone
to take all the crap i no longer find fun