Open Letter (to myself)

from by Allie Goertz

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An open letter to myself. I hope I read it.


Dear Allison ,

Won’t you
Hold on to your virtues
But not get caught up in your head

Did you know that it’s okay
For people to like different things
What will it matter when you’re dead
That you like what you do

When people ask “who’s got the best taste”
You say you
It’s time to put that to rest
Don’t forget the subjectivity of best

You can have a friend
Who likes watching Friends
Without thinking they’re a bad person

I know that you’re leery
Of people who watch Big Bang Theory
Cause you think there’s no show worse than that

But you can’t change what people like
If your mom likes Glee
Don’t put up a fight

You can be opinionated
Without making your friends feel
So alienated
Just stop telling them that they’re wrong
For listening to their favorite song

If they don’t know what In Bruges is
Or prefer the three stooges
To Chico Harpo and Groucho Marx

If they don’t like Django Reinhardt
Or Demetri Martin’s pie charts

Try and spare them your
Snide remarks

You can like the girls
Who don’t like Dunham’s Girls
Without calling them all morons

Some friends don’t like RPGS
Or the get the reference “covered in bees”
Some people will never ever ever
See Red Dawn

But you can’t change what people like
If your mom likes Two and a Half Men
Try and be polite

You can be opinionated
Without making your friend feel
So alienated
Just stop telling that they’re wrong
For still listening to that god awful song

Your friends shouldn’t be berated for calling the Beatles overrated
No matter how much you disagree

But if you put on Seinfeld
And they don’t laugh
Say something hurtful
And never take it back.



from Cossbysweater, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


AllieGoertz Los Angeles, California

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